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Is CAT A Reliable Barometer?
Matt Blackman, CMT -- 03/20/14
Here’s one stock that can help you determine the strength of the market....(more)

Wrapping Moving Averages With Ribbons
Bruce Tintelnot -- 10/14/13
Most traders apply moving averages to detect price trends. Here's one way you can apply several moving averages at a time to better identify turning points, continuations, extreme highs and lows, and ...(more)

Position Size And Profitability
Bruce Tintelnot -- 07/31/13
Practicing good money management and analyzing your risks will make a difference in your trading results....(more)

Three Fundamental Metrics That Matter
Matt Blackman, CMT -- 05/29/13
A trader's job is to find the best indicators for entering and exiting trades. Here are three fundamental metrics that you can't afford to ignore....(more)

A Fundamental Lesson For The Technically Minded
Matt Blackman, CMT -- 04/29/13
For decades, there have been two major schools of thought when it comes to stocks. First came the fundamentalists who believe that stock prices are a product of revenues and earnings. Then came the te...(more)

Swing Trading With Three Indicators
Donald Pendergast -- 03/29/13
You have to start somewhere....(more)

Placing Stops With Moving Averages And Bollinger Bands
Bruce Tintelnot -- 03/13/13
Taking a stop too early is better than taking a loss. Using these two indicators could help....(more)

Between The Lines Of Rectangle Patterns
Bruce Tintelnot -- 01/14/13
It’s an area of indecision -- are the bulls in control or bears?...(more)

Timing And Dollar Cost Averaging
Donald Pendergast -- 01/04/13
Timing makes a difference....(more)

Seeking The Uncommon Trade
L.A. Little -- 12/04/12
Are you looking for just another trade, or an uncommon one?...(more)

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